Midterm_To do

Level Change
Playground – Fantasy – Playground2
  • Playground
    • 1st person player
    • Can walk around the playground
    • If the user come close enough to swing,
      • Kids sound play OR swing starts to glow(touch notification)
    • If the user touch the swing,
      • CAMERA change to 3rd person view.
    • 3rd person view
      • Father kneels down and cry.
      • Camera moves to other angle, change level to Fantasy scene.
        • is level change possible without trigger?
        • or when the camera touches certain point..
  • Fantasy
    • Father stays kneeling
    • Kid comes from the outside of the playground to father
      • user can’t see kid’s figure but only his/her shadow
    • Father opens his arms and hugs his kid.
    • White out – Level change to Playground2
  • Playground2
    • Rain stops
    • No Fog
    • Shiny day
    • Full of green trees around the playground
    • CAMERA zoom out, FIN

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