Making object with medium






Modeling in Medium

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 2.54.36 PM

This is the first object that I made with oculus touch in medium.

I tried to make a cow with many horns, which looks like thunder.

It was interesting and exciting, but hard to control shapes as I wanted. Also adapting myself to 3D sculpting took longer time than I thought.


Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 3.00.05 PM

This is the second one. I used stamps to create these. Medium allows users to add their own 3D modelings into it as a stamp. I’ll try that later.

Both of these models have problem importing in Unreal. Unreal freezes everytime when it comes at 75%, and Todd said it is the problem of number of polygons. Because my models consist of lots of polygons, it crashes while importing. I should figure out how to solve this problem if I want to use medium to make source of my future project.

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