New story_0212

There’s one man in NYC.
His daily life was just ordinary as others.
Going to work on weekdays, Spending time with family during weekends..
But one day, he lose his only little son.
It was not a big accident.
His son was playing on the swings with his friends at the nearest park from his home.
Suddenly, for nobody’s fault, the swing turned upside down and his son fall off from it.
His head hit the ground first and started to throw up.
And because there’s no one can do emergency care, he chocked on vomit, and brain-dead.
This tears off the father’s heart.
Being shocked by this disaster, he lose his ability to communicate.
every time he pass through the park to go home, he feel pain of death.
The father tries to live the life to the full for his lost son.
But it’s not going well. He realize that it’s impossible to live the life for somebody.
One day, he meets his son in dream.
His son is playing on the swings.
The father suddenly realize what’s going to be happened, try to run to his son.
He finds that he’s a kid around his son’s age.
Also his motion is so slow as if he’s under the water.
Same disaster happen again. Only thing he can do was watching it.
And he wakes up. begin to wail. without any sound.
A few days later, one foggy day,
he’s passing through the park as usual.
huge lightning strikes suddenly, he shrinks back with fear.
after few seconds, while he’s getting himself together, loud thunder fills the air.
And he experience same situation as he dreamed before.
He becomes a kid, his son is about to play on the swings at a distance.
he runs to his son, then asks him if he can play on the swings ahead of him.
(he talks to his son with gestures)
His son gives way to him.
Father plays on the swings instead of his son.
Soon it’s turned upside down, he falls headfirst onto the ground..
everything he sees becomes blurred and faded out.
his son opens his eyes. wakes up from his long dream.
Father gives good morning kiss to him.

I thought about the moment that I really wanted to make it as fantasy.
In real life, I cannot change anything already happened in my life, but In fairy tale, it’s possible.
This story is based on my personal experience.
My cousin had a child, but had lost her with same accident that happened in this story.
And that was the first death of close family for me. That was the first moment that I began to think about death and its power.
The story that I brought in first class, the wise old man is dealing with the things that happened in his life like he knows there’s always reasons for something happened.
Unlike this story, I think there’s something happened for no reason. No, for the reason that we cannot know no matter how hard we try to figure out.
So I didn’t try to explain why this disaster happened to this man.
My interest is on his mind, pain and reaction to the disaster.
That was my motive for making this story.

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