Experiencing VR

There are many of platforms for VR now, and I’ve experienced some of them.

Oculus rift, GearVR and Google cardboard. (and vive today 2/1)

For the first week of Worlds on a wire class, we tried to watch(experience) some contents with Oculus rift. And I thought there are lots of things to improve VR devices now. I think there will be better devices soon because it’s just started and getting a lot of attention.

  • For the first time I’ve experienced virtual reality about 7-8months ago, It was total new world to me. I thought people who watched world’s first movie of Lumière brothers’ ‘Arrival of a train’ would feel the same way that I felt at that time. I knew it was not in reality at all but I couldn’t help myself from hiding from virtual T-rex.
  • However, so far, contents of VR are limited to make viewers experiencing new technology and exciting a nerve. Surely it’s a notable feature of VR but viewers become accustomed to it easily like they did with 3D movie.
  • Directionwise, I felt it’s so important to make viewers to watch intended direction. Because in VR space, viewers can see anywhere they want freely. I think sound takes significant role for that.
  • Sharing problem. It’s hard to experience contents at the same time with other friends. Only for one person per one play with one device. To play something with other person, they should get two or more devices, which are pretty expensive.
  • In terms of VR devices, wearing oculus rift with glasses is so hard and inconvenient. Putting my head inside of it is so uncomfortable, and even though I succeeded in it, it’s still not good feeling while I’m watching it. GearVR has a focus wheel for near-sighted people. The other devices should take this feature or find a way to make people wearing glasses comfortable.
  • Device itself is little heavy.
  • Sanitary problem. If the device is for public use, it’s easy to get dirty but no way to clean it. This makes it unfit for the exhibition or public show.

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