Story – ‘The horse of an old man’

The horse of an old man 
– “Disaster rolls over and becomes blessing”
There once lived an old man near the border of China.
One day, his male horse went over the border and ran away.
Neighbors comforted him for his loss, but he answered,
“Who knows this will be a blessing?”
After a few days, that horse came back with a female horse. His neighbors were amazed and celebrated him, but he told them,
“who knows this will cause a disaster?”
As he had a new horse, the son of this old man tried to tame her,
but he fell from the horse and his legs were broken. His neighbors comforted him again, but he answered like before, “there might be some blessing thanks to this accident.” After the accident, neighboring barbarians invaded China and many young male had to participate, but his son didn’t have to, thanks to his injury.

This is an old story from China.

Why is this story meaningful to me?
At first I thought that this old man is too pessimistic about life to fully enjoy good things and be sad enough for bad things. But at least this guy knows that life’s uncontrollable and unpredictable. So this story makes me think about how I should react to what’s happening in my life.

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