Test for final project

Test for solar cell and servo motor 

Instead of using infrared LED, we chose solar cell to get the signal from the laser pointer. We tried to make p5 to detect the distance between laser pointer and IR LED, but the light was hard to see on webcam, also color tracking(or brightness tracking) in p5 is unstable. Because of the fact that we cannot control what user’s going to wear, color tracking is not a good choice for this project and for the same reason, brightness tracking is not reliable as well.

The reason why we chose solar cell is there’s no photo cell large enough. Solar cell generates electricity when it gets light and that is the reason why people use it usually but we’re using it just as photo cell- getting values of light input.

Purpose of this test was:

  • Check the connection between solar cell ->  p5  -> servo movement
  • If solar cell catch laser pointer(larger amount of light than usual), get 1 score and play “meow” sound in p5
  • If p5 get 10 points, servo speed goes up


Solar cell test


Solar cell – P5 – Servo motor



Problem we got:

  • Score goes up only when servo is moving. Not any time it catches light.



Prototype of solar cell mount on cat paws


For the solar cell mount, we’re going to use black acrylic. Bottom plate will be placed inside of the mitten so that we can make it stable.


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