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Danwon High school, Classroom no.2 of the sophomores. 2015



On April 16th, 2014, ferry called ‘Sewol’ has gone under.

That night, I heard a horrendous news – 295 had died and nine were lost. Most of the victims were young high school students. I was utterly shocked. And just like all other Koreans, lived months in shock. In fact, Korea went into mourning since that day . The Korean society stopped to function. Rallies and demonstrations were held every day. Yellow ribbons for paying tribute to the victims were everywhere. Videos taken by the students in the ferry moments before their death, were played back tens of thousands of times.

Koreans were depressed, shocked and scared.

But only a few months later, these sentiments got replaced by negligence and disinterest. Many even pointed finger at the parents of the deceased students for continuing on the struggle against the government, accusing them of “negotiating” to receive more compensation money. Equally horrible comments were posted on the Internet.

Danwon High school is the school of the ferry disaster victims. They were in the school trip to Jeju island. They were all sophomore students in Danwon high school. Nine months later, I went back to Korea, visited the high school during winter vacation, and took a photo of each desk of the sophomore students. Below images are photos that I exhibited for my graduation exhibition at Sullivan Gallery, Chicago.



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These desks were moved from Danwon high school to other place on Aug 20th, 2016.




Hundreds of desks will be placed under water.

Viewers act like divers or fishes they can just observe the scene.

If the viewer come closer to the desks, ambient sound of high school classroom starts. After some minutes, something up above the water begin to sink. with loud roaring sound. lights out.



Visual Reference

Underwater Museum of Statues. Cancun, Mexicounderwater_museum_statues_cancun_mexico12 underwater_museum_statues_cancun_mexico11




Underwater scenes





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