Week1 – Elvis’ Letter


On December 21, 1970, president Nixon got a letter from Elvis. He personally delivered this letter to the White House guard.

In this letter, Elvis asks to Nixon if he get a credential from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

For some reason, he wanted to be a Federal agent to work against the drug problem.





The space I set in unity is like a gallery so that viewers can walk around and see what happened by reversing time.

I started my 3D documentary from the photo which is taken when Nixon and Elvis met. According to the behind story, Elvis gave a demonstration of Karate in front of Nixon to get an agent badge.




And then we can see Nixon’s desk at the oval office, and the letters Elvis had sent is next to it.

I made this set to imagine the environment when Nixon got the letter.





In the next section, there are 6 images of Elvis’ letter. (You can read the transcript here)

On background, Nixon is agonizing in his office.






The last section is Elvis’ private airplane where I guess this letter had been written.

I added the photo of Nixon and Elvis that we saw at the first time of this documentary on the TV screen. To make viewers to feel start point and end point of this documentary are connected.

Viewers can start from both right and left direction in order to his/her interest.





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