Mounting Motors – Turn Table

Turn Table with DC motor

Sometimes I thought I need turn table for documentation.

To take 360 degree shot video, I decided to make DIY turn table with DC motor.

img_0810_1 img_0811_1 img_0812_1 img_0813_1




For this project, I bought most of the material in local shop like Michael’s.

Instead of make my own table and support box, I could get these elements in lower price.

img_0775 img_0773




I made a hole on the top of the box for the tip of the motor.


It fits well. Then I mark the point to drill holes.

img_0793 img_0794

Fix the motor firmly to the top with bolts and nuts.

I don’t have a picture of the motor itself. This motor is 12V DC gear box motor. Speed is 3.5rpm.



I used this tube from thick wire to hold the top table.

img_0795 img_0797

Coupler between table and box. It connects motor tip and table.

img_0798 img_0799 img_0801





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