Laser Cutting



Bong-Sun Moon. 2010

Ink and wash painting/ 145x299cm



Bong-Sun Moon. 2004

Ink and wash painting/ 75x95cm




Idea Sketch


  1. To make moon shape, make a hole on wood panel
  2. Cut tree silhouette with laser cutter
  3. Add tracing paper under the wood panel
  4. Install little light under tracing paper to show brightness of the moon



Test on Mat board




Test on Mat board_2 


Etching + Cutting. (Holes for the flowers are added to image)

I thought Laser cutter etching recognize only two color value-0, 255. But on the second test, I found weird bright mark inside of the branch. (This mark was on the first test board as well) According to photoshop color picker, there’s 254 value white.

Otherwise, I like this etching. I gave me appropriately burned image, which is similar to the silhouette image of the Maehwa tree.



Etching + Cutting on Paper


Now I got the another problem. In my expectation, Laser cutter is going to make dark image on my paper, but it made brighter image instead. I guess this is material matter. Brightness of the etching is depends on what materials I use for it..



Lighting Test

img_0414_2 img_0415_2

I’m planning on making a light with ultrasonic distance sensor(in PComp class).

If a viewer get closer to the piece, the moon will get brighter.


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