Unsuccessful Signage

Most of the signage of New York City seems like successful in terms of delivering information. But there are some problems with complexity because signage maker tried to put too much information at the same time. Otherwise, it’s normally good in my opinion.

I found two signage, which is unsuccessful.

  • One way sign/ No parking sign

    • Two signs (One way sign and No parking sign) are conflict each other. They indicate different direction of the road simultaneously.


below is the corrected sign.





  • Sign for F line York Station

    • This sign is just too hard to find. It’s almost hidden behind the gate.







Extra Signs that I found interesting


I have no idea why they raise left hand like that.



(Sign means “Cars from left”)

This is signage for the smart phone zombies. People these days usually hold and see their phone even while walking on the crosswalk. This behavior increases danger of accident. This sign is specially installed on the pavement for them.

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