Flash Light



When I heard about making flashlight, I remembered my childhood experience.

About 20 years ago, I caught a lightning bug(firefly) at the mountain during family trip.

But because I had only dark bottle, I couldn’t see the bug shining the light inside of it.

This flash light inspired by that nostalgic personal experience.

It only shines when the bottle is closed.

Also the reason why I think this concept is interesting is because the light is more meaningful when it’s shining in the darkness. Even though nobody can see it.





Check the LED

img_0300    img_0303


I tied this nut to one line to scratch the battery randomly so that LED turns on and off arbitrary like lightning bug.




Test before painting the bottle


When the bottle closed, LED turns on. When a lid opened, LED turns off.


Paint the bottle to make inside invisible




Final Test









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